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Hi............thank you for looking at my website. I qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in Australia in 1971 and have worked in a variety of settings in the UK and Australia. I retired from the NHS in 2005, after working in a Community Mental Health Team (Adult Services) and the Department of Clinical and Community Psychology in Exeter. I have been in Private Practice since then.

My Clinical Training includes an Undergraduate Degree and Post Graduate qualifications in Clinical Psychology. However, Clinical Training continues throughout one's working career with attendance at courses and workshops and regular supervision. It is important for Clinical Psychologists to keep up to date not only with methods of psychological treatment which have been shown to be effective, but also with current thinking in the profession.

Over the years, I have developed expertise in working with people who have suffered trauma, perhaps as a result of an experience such as a Road Traffic Accident or an unexpected event, or perhaps because of experiences in their childhood. I work a great deal with people who have developed an Eating Disorder and, prior to my retirement, was involved with the planning of the Eating Disorders Service in Exeter. From my work in the Family Court of Australia, I am also able to offer counselling to those whose relationships are in trouble, with a view to helping people make the best decisions for themselves and their children. Much of my work in my Private Practice involves assisting people whose lives have been affected by debilitating Depression and/or Anxiety, hopefully enabling them to make the changes necessary to enjoy a better quality of life.