What to Expect

When I meet people initially, I like to spend time finding out a little about them, when the problems began, how they view the problems they are experiencing, and how these difficulties are affecting them and those around them. From this assessment, I may then offer psychological treatment, or I may direct the person towards Services which more appropriately meet his or her needs. If Psychological therapy is offered, I try to adapt my therapeutic approach to the person, rather than try to make the person 'fit' the model of therapy. Hence my theoretical approach may incorporate a number of models which have been found to be effective for the difficulties experienced.

Usually, a therapy session lasts an hour. The number of sessions required is something which will be discussed at the conclusion of the initial assessment. As a general rule, somewhere between 6 and 20 sessions tends to be sufficient. However, there are times when people require more than this number of sessions (or fewer). 

I am not a Medical Practitioner nor a Psychiatrist. I cannot prescribe medication. Questions about Medication need to be discussed with a GP.